The Machica Group’s VP completed two HR programs at Ateneo de Manila

Joan Tan-Cruz Machica, the Vice President and head of the Group’s Administration, Finance & Human Resource Departments, took and finished two courses at the Ateneo de Manila University Center for Continuing Education in partnership with Ateneo Center for Organization Research & Development (CORD) namely; Basic HR for Line Managers which was conducted in three days from April 16, 17 & 18, 2009; and Essentials of Supervision which was held May 14-15 & 21-22, 2009.

Human Resource Management is the division of the organization that deals with hiring, firing, training, and other personnel matters. Indeed, in Machica Group’s set-up, the Human Resource Head is empowered to carry out these functions in an efficient, lawful, just, and regular approach. Its objective is to maximize the return on investment from the organization’s human capital and minimize financial and operating risks. It is with this reason that our very own VP completed these two important HR courses.

The Basic HR Program is a short course designed to provide line managers and beginners in the HR field with a basic understanding of Human Resources Management. The Essential of Supervision on the other hand, helps ease the difficulty in the transition of being a team member to becoming a leader of the team. It trains new supervisors how to maintain proper boundaries, set clear goals, handle subordinates professionally, provide effective feedback, motivate staff, and deal with everyday supervisory concerns. Basic HR Programs and Essentials of Supervision were facilitated by Ms. Emily Ann I. Lombos and Mr. Jet F. Magsaysay, respectively. Both Ms. Lombos and Mr. Magsaysay are highly respected members of the Ateneo Faculty with significant consulting experience in HR areas.

The objective of the Basic HR Program is for the participants to understand and assess the role of HR in the organization; analyze a job; write a job description with the necessary competencies and job requirements; conduct a selection interview; analyze performance; create a training and development plan; and increase understanding of employee relations and well-being. The whole course consists of five modules, namely; Strategic Human Resources Management, Human Resources Information System, Employee Selection, Performance and Rewards Management, Employee Development and Employee Relations and Well-Being.

The Essential of Supervision is divided into ten outlines; The Nature of Supervisory Work, Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling, Assertiveness, Developing Your Communication Skills, Balancing Task and Relationships,  Motivating, and Dealing with Difficult People and Situations.

Joan started with the Group’s Insurance Division after her three-year stint in a universal bank. She is licensed both for life insurance and non-life insurance by the Office of the Insurance Commission. She is also a registered nurse and has earned units in Masters in Health Sciences.

In a one on one interview, Mrs. Machica confessed that before the said schooling, HR was only a second tier corporate priority. But these two programs which allowed her to bring HR to the forefront and enhance her skills in humanresource management. “The class was like a simulation of a real company. It was a practical learning, sort of an “immersion to a workplace,” she explained. “We were taught through case studies and exercises, concepts in managing employee performance as well as pay and benefits,” she added. The learning on the roles and functions of Human Resources was enormous and was simply beyond her expectations. “Topics discussed were profound and the concepts and materials used are highly relevant to our organization,” she said. “Another thing that helped me fully absorb the discussions was the exceptionally supportive resource persons who would always encourage us to interact during discussions,” she added.

Today, Mrs. Machica, together with the governing board and CEO, is strategically positioning the Human Resource as a major critical success factor of the Group.