The BizTAX Folio Volume 1, Issue 1 (December 2011)

Machica Group has released the first issue of its business news magazine. The BizTAX Folio is a business news magazine produced and published by Machica Group which aims to help business leaders and managers in leading their business and managing their taxes. This magazine would be an essential instruction manual for business leaders since it provides the best practices that help identify new business opportunities as well as abolish guesswork in starting, developing, and maintaining a business. Business people need not worry about having enough business or taxation training to build a progressive business since this magazine will provide important technical know-how on business, and its tax efficient solutions. Updates on the business world and prominent business people will also be available. This magazine also provides inspiration features that will encourage readers to attain higher goals. Different articles and tips pertaining to business and management areas such as marketing, human resources, finance and operations shall also be provided.

Download and grab your free copy of the BizTAX Folio Volume I, December 2011 issue now.

Machica Group BixTAX Folio