Risks and uncertainties – a universal reality in business and in life!

Deluge by unpredictable corporate landscape and increasing organization threats, many of today’s companies faced so much risks. Loss of life, income, and property are also inherent to every family and household. The need to help them is absolutely inevitable. MACHICA FIRM, INC. (or “MFI” or “Machica Group”) is the answer to such personal phenomena!

MFI is a domestic corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It also has the approval from the Insurance Commission for its primary purpose and operation.

Machica Group has long established contracts with major insurance companies thereby allowing it to offer the most diverse products to its growing clientele at the most competitive price.

Our growing clientele is assured with complete financial solutions including financial advisory on any of the following:

a. Risk management

Professional risk management services aimed at addressing and mitigating real and potential loss scenarios confronting one’s business, person, or property. Presence and extent of risk are identified, evaluated, and analyzed so as to come up with best risk management solutions.

Our knowledge of the Philippines and its business climate make us well positioned to provide sound advice on risks that are peculiar to each client both on micro and macro environment. In every engagement, we shall endeavor to come up with a comprehensive risk management profile that will incorporate risk elimination, mitigation and transfer activities. The said risk elimination, mitigation, and transfer can be best addressed through our access to the best insurance companies in the county – both for life and non-life. Further, our online facility to our insurance principals affords real time service delivery to our clients.

b. Financial Planning

  • Enterprise financial planning. Machica Group is aware that your enterprise end-goal is to yield the highest possible return of assets in the shortest span of time. Financial planning is therefore imperative not just as your company’s blueprint but as tool in realizing your mission. Incidentally, assistance or advice on best financial outsourcing is part of our value-added service.
  • Personal and / or family financial planning. Machica Group thrust includes helping each individual or family enjoy financial freedom. It offers financial planning for education, travel, retirement, estate conversation, or even for emergency needs.

We also provide services to help measure and manage one’s financial health, including cash flow / budgeting and debt management, goal setting and funding, corporate benefit optimization, retirement planning, stock option planning, estate and business succession planning, and charitable giving.

c. Life & non-life insurance underwriting

Machica Group is one of the most complete insurance agencies in the Philippines offering all lines of life and non-life insurances, including policies denominated in U.S. currency. Placement of client’s insurable asset is channeled to the insurance company that specializes in acceptance of said risk. This is made possible with our affiliation across major insurance companies in the country.

Further, Machica Group underwrites insurance requirements for mortgaged loans of major banks. Certain insurance providers are subsidiaries or associates of leading banks in the country.

d. Employee benefits consulting

Machica Group recognizes the fact that employees’ dedication, loyalty, and high motivation are essential factors to the continuing success of every business entity. Providing for employees’ health care, accident, group life and pension fund is therefore of extreme importance. Machica Group shall assist its clients in their benefits and compensation needs to ensure that their programs are responsive, efficient, and competitively priced.

e. Mutual funds

A mutual fund is an investment company that pools the savings of individuals and institutional investors who share a common financial goal. These investors buy shares of the mutual fund and become shareholders of the fund they chose. Mutual funds come in various forms to address the investment appetite of a particular group of investors. Hence, each mutual fund has specific investment objectives and strategies. Investors buy and sell shares of the fund based on the prevailing Net Asset Value Per Share (NAVPS).

Advantages of investing in mutual funds: professional management, liquidity, tax fee, diversified, and safety.

Machica Group’s CEO is a licensed Certified Investment Solicitor (CIS) representing PhilAm Asset Management, Inc. As such, he is qualified and authorized to transact with clients on mutual funds.

f. Investment-linked insurance (variable unit-linked) products

Investment-linked insurance product (or VUL) is a hybrid life insurance with investment component. A life insurance product becomes “variable” when the policy value at any time varies according to the value of the underlying investment funds at that time.

Machica Group through its CEO is qualified to sell VUL products.

g. Health care & accident

Statistics show that in each family or household, the second highest expenditure is health maintenance and/or health – related costs. For an enterprise, officers and employees’ health care and accident coverage are integral part of its benefits program. Machica Group being cognizant of such need shall endeavor to provide its clientele of said products.

h. Alternative insurance & risk services

Other areas of insurance and risk management are requiring non-traditional approach and special knowledge such as cash flow management, control insurance destiny, creation of vital capacity, and tax planning.

i. Claims management

Efficient claims settlement is central to our operations. We shall assist our clients in expediting indemnification for its losses such as preparation of claim documents, representation during meetings, negotiations with insurers and adjusters, and on-demand claims consultation.