CEO Machica in Korea for the Global Entrepreneurship Training

Michael Machica at GET Korea
Our CEO Machica in Korea for the Global Entrepreneurship Training

CEO Michael A. Machica of MACHICA FIRM, INC. has successfully completed the 6-day Global Entrepreneurship Training 2011 at the Handong Global University, Pohang, South Korea from February 6 to 12, 2011.  Mr. Machica arrived at the Incheon International Airport and took a 5-hour land trip via limousine bus to the City of Pohang. It was Mr. Machica’s first visit to Korea.

There were over 70 delegates from around the world who participated in the said training.   All participants stayed at the University’s International Hall.

The GET 2011 is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Education Program under the sponsorship of UNESCO and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Korean Government.  It is offered in cooperation with partner universities of UNESCO UNITWIN.  The University Twining and Networking (or UNITWIN) is a college / university network on Capacity Building for Sustainable Development for Developing Countries.  Its noble purpose is to help develop entrepreneurial mindset among future leaders, entrepreneurs, professors, and government planners.   Both the UNESCO and the Korean Government believe entrepreneurship is the main engine and driving force for the developed countries.  The training is therefore a vehicle for the developing countries to catch up and be economically sufficient.

The training comprehensively covers the whole gamut of entrepreneurship – entrepreneurial mindset, creativity and innovation, social entrepreneurship, start-up business and effective business plan, finance and accounting, business law, marketing, raising capital, business ethics, international business, strategic planning, business communication, e-commerce, and intellectual property.  American and Korean distinguished professors and business leaders ably facilitated the intensive training.  Among them were:

Prof. George Kim
Director, Center for Global Ent. & Innovation
Handong Global University
Former CEO, Pivotech Systems
Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology
Prof. Yong Lee
Professor, Graduate School of Global Management & Leadership, HGU
Former CEO, Best Chemical, Inc.
MBA, University of Southern California
Prof. Patrick M. Talbot
Professor, Handong Int’l. Law School
J.D., Regent University School of Law
Prof. Davit Eggert
Professor, Handong Int’l. Law School
J.D., Duke University Law School
Prof. Abraham Lee
Professor, School of Management & Econ.
Handong Global University
D.B.A. (candidate)
Prof. Anthory Beckham
Professor, School of Management & Econ.
Handong Global University
Prof. Youngjin Kim
Professor, School of Management & Econ.
Handong Global University
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Prof. Soon Kwon Kim
Lecturer, Handong Global University
CEO, Corn International Foundation
Ph.D., University of Hawaii

The university president, Dr. Young Gil Kim, graced the opening ceremony.  He shared the successes of GET since it was first launched in Korea in 2008.  To bring the program closer to its target participants, GET was conducted in Kenya (2009), Mongolia (2009), Cambodia (2010), and East Africa (2010).  To-date, the program has produced almost 400 graduates.

In keeping with the university’s global mission – “why not change the world?”- Dr. Kim, in his personal talk with the trainees during the subsequent lectures, proudly announced the appointment of Handong Global University as the first and only UN Academic Impact Global Hub for Capacity – Building in Higher Education System in the world today.  He encouraged all trainees to take part of its activities in the future.

The class was divided into nine groups.  Each group is assigned to create a new company and to come-up with an actual business plan.  Inputs from each lecture were immediately integrated into the business plan writing.   After supper, each team would present the progress of business plan in front of the professors.  Revision and refinement of the business plan became the daily mid-night habit of each team.   The business viability had to be sold to the professors who were acting as potential investors.   Formal business plan competition concluded the training.   The team of Mr. Machica with a pseudo company named Cubik Cotton Co. Pvt. Ltd., an ecozone-registered garment company in India, won the third place.  Further, Mr. Machica, acting as the Chief Financial Officer, was chosen by his peers as the most valuable team member.

To motivate the trainees go global entrepreneurship, a field trip to POSCO – the world’s leading steelmaker based in Pohang City, was the main event of day four.  At POSCO, participants learned the winning business strategies that catapulted the company to world’s prominence.  From POSCO, the group proceeded to the Pohang City Hall for a courtesy visit with the city mayor and other government officials.  In a formal program, the trainees witnessed the futuristic landscape the city is envisioning depicted in a video presentation.  To seal the visit, the city government gave each participant a souvenir wrist watch.

The working team together with students-volunteers from the host university helped ensure a highly successful training.  Part of their work was to attend to the trainees’ needs and to document every facet of the activity.  Video-taped interviews were taken from participants who are already entrepreneurs.  Mr. Machica was one of those interviewed.

The international mix of delegates turned out to be a huge celebration of humanity and culture.  Except for Australia, all continents were represented.  During the cultural night, each participant wore distinctive national customs and showed unique talents.  The night was full – packed with glitters and surprises; everyone wishing the night’s clock would stop.  Picture taking from all corners seemed never-ending.

As a Christian university, the location of Handong Global University is perfect for studies or trainings.  No wonder the university boasts a significant number of foreign students.     During the training period, the participants observed Korea’s winter season where snow falls covered the whole campus.  For anyone coming from winter-free nation, it was simply awesome.

Impressed with the training and the progress of Korean economy, Mr. Machica is thinking of making concrete linkages with the Korean business community.  He is convinced he has to visit Korea again.

Finally, grateful with such a life-time opportunity, Mr. Machica signified to the coordinating body his intention to volunteer in GET’s future trainings probably as a lecturer.  This way, in his humble way, he can influence and pass-on the skills to the next generation of entrepreneurs.