Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)


Regulations for 2013 Contains relevant economic and financial regulations issued by the BSP.

CIRCULAR Contains BSP circulars issued during the period.

779-01.09.2013 Amendment to Regulation on Single Borrower’s Limit

780-01.10.2013 Syrian Pound Currency Exchange Facility

781-01.15.2013 Basel III Implementing Guidelines on Minimum Capital Requirements

782-01.21.2013 Amendments to Appendix 45 (Notes on Microfinance) of Section X361 of the Manual of Regulations for Banks

783-01.21.2013Amendments to Regulations on Relocation and Voluntary Closure/Sale of Branches/Other Banking Offices

784-01.25.2013 Amendments on Exclusions from Single Borrower’s Loan (SBL) Limit and Equity Investment Ceilings

785-01.25.2013 Amendment to the Regulations on Individual and Aggregate Ceilings on Loans, Other Credit Accommodations and Guarantees to Directors, Officers, Stockholders and Their Related Interests

CIRCULAR LETTERS Contains non-regulatory issuances of the BSP addressed to particular entities or categories of institutions.

CL-2013-001 01.08.2013Publication/Posting of Balance Sheet (BS) and Consolidated Balance Sheet (CBS)

CL-2013-002 01.08.2013 Publication/Posting of Statement of Condition and Consolidated Statement of Condition

CL-2013-003 01.08.2013 BPI Leasing Corporation – Revocation/Cancellation of Quasi-Banking License

CL-2013-004 01.16.2013 Approval by the CDA of the Plan and Articles of Consolidation of First Community Cooperative Bank of Misamis Occidental, Cooperative Bank of Davao del Sur & Cooperative Bank of Surigao del Sur to be known as Consolidated Cooperative Bank

CL-2013-005 01.17.2013 Approved Applications for New Banking Offices and Opened Banking Offices during the 3rd Quarter of 2012

CL-2013-006 01.18.2013 Lost Bangko Sentral Registration Document (BSRD)

CL-2013-007 01.23.2013 First Malayan Leasing and Finance Corporation – Change of Corporate Name and Adoption of Business Name and Style

CL-2013-008 01.29.2013 Lost Bangko Sentral Registration Documents (BSRDs)

MEMORANDA Contains guidelines or procedural requirements, clarifications, explanations, and interpretations of provisions of laws or of BSP circulars.

M-2013-001 01.14.2013 Regulatory Relief for Banks Affected by Tropical Depression “Quinta”

M-2013-002 01.11.2013 Guidelines in Assessing the Quality of Corporate Governance in BSP-Supervised Financial Institutions

M-2013-003 01.24.2013 MB Resolution No. 119.A dated 24 January 2013 Placement of the Capitol City Bank, Inc., A Rural Bank Under Receivership