Machica Group Accreditation

Our company has achieved accreditation from government regulatory offices for tax and audit practice, marking a significant milestone in our journey of commitment to excellence. This accreditation stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and compliance in every aspect of our operations. It underscores our relentless pursuit of excellence and our steadfast adherence to regulatory requirements, ensuring that our clients receive services of the utmost quality and reliability.

At Machica Group, we understand the importance of trust and confidence in the realm of tax and audit services. This accreditation serves as a validation of our expertise and proficiency in navigating complex regulatory frameworks, providing our clients with the assurance and peace of mind that they are partnering with a reputable and credible firm. It is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement, as we strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

With this accreditation, we stand poised to further enhance our capabilities and expand our reach, serving as a trusted advisor and partner to businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether it’s navigating tax compliance requirements, conducting thorough audits, or providing strategic guidance to optimize financial processes, we are dedicated to delivering personalized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence and our mission of empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. We invite you to experience the difference of working with an accredited firm that prioritizes integrity, professionalism, and client satisfaction above all else. Partner with us at Machica Group and let us help you achieve your financial objectives with confidence and peace of mind.

Our International Affiliation

We are honored to declare our company’s prestigious affiliation as a proud member of two globally recognized networks, LEA Global and DEZAN SHIRA & Associates, whose esteemed reputations and expansive networks provide us with unparalleled resources, expertise, and collaborative opportunities, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional services and innovative solutions to our valued clients worldwide, thereby solidifying our position as a trusted leader in the industry and reinforcing our commitment to excellence

Since 2009, Machica Group has been a proud member of the LEA Global, one of the largest international associations in the world with more than 220 firms that focus on accounting, financial and business advisory

services.  LEA Global firms operate in more than 110 countries giving clients access to knowledge, skills, and experience. Partners associated with LEA Global firms are recognized for their leadership in respective fields and consistently connect with clients across various

industries. LEA Global is based in Minnesota, USA having an annual revenue of more than US$3.2

billion supported by a global team comprising over +2,300 partners and +25,000 staff members.

Machica FIRM, Inc. through MG Consulting is part of Dezan Shira Asian Alliance.  Collectively, the Alliance has presence in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines. As the host of the Alliance, Dezan Shira and Associates is the publisher of powerful and widely read Asian Briefing, China Briefing, ASEAN Briefing, India Briefing, and Vietnam Briefing chronicling India Briefing, and Vietnam Briefing that chronicle the latest, most updated business intelligence and industry-specific reports. Dezan Shira and Associates can be reached at With the objective of mutual coordination and cooperation, the Alliance is aimed at developing markets for business within Greater Asia and the neighboring Pacific 



Our Company Industrial Experience

As a leading accounting firm, we bring to the table a wealth of diverse industrial experiences garnered from serving clients across a myriad of sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, technology, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and finance, allowing us to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions that are informed by a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in each industry, ultimately empowering our clients to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Affiliation and Membership

We take immense pride in highlighting the fact that our company holds esteemed international affiliations and memberships, serving as a testament to our unwavering dedication to fostering global partnerships, promoting cross-cultural collaboration, and driving innovation on a worldwide scale, all of which reaffirm our commitment to delivering unparalleled value and excellence to our clients and stakeholders across borders and beyond.

Our Client Experience